Papa Legba Holy Day Service-Jan.14-Opportunity,Success

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One candle will be dressed, blessed and lit on your behalf on his feast day of JANUARY 14th. Offerings will be preapred and an altar set for this holy day. *** YOU MUST TYPE YOUR PETITION ON YOUR ORDER FORM IN THE "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" AREA!!! I WILL NOT ACCEPT SEPARATE OR LATE PETITIONS.

Papa Legba is a mighty Loa (God) from the New Orleans and Haitian Vodou Traditions. He 
is seen as an elderly black man with a cane, wearing a straw hat and either smoking a pipe or
sprinkling water upon the ground. He is sometimes accompanied by a black dog or a rooster.
His colors are black and red and his number is 3. His day of the week is Monday and he is 
associated with St. Lazarus and St. Peter. Papa Legba governs over choice and the paths that 
we all walk. He presents us with opportunities and also tests our progress with challenges as 
we travel through earth life. This responsibility has given him the title of being the ultimate 
trickster god.  He challenges us to step out of ourselves and to examine the habits and beliefs
that we identify with. The choice is to either examine our lives or continue to fail the tests that 
Papa Legba sends to us over and over again. To Papa Legba, choice is of the utmost 
importance for it is choice that displays the maturity of the heart and mind.

He is an honored Orisha called Elegba in the Ifa and Santeria traditions. 

As gatekeeper, Papa Legba opens and closes all ceremonies. Communication with the other 
Gods can’t even occur until He is consulted because Papa Legba is the Hoodoo Man who 
holds the keys to the doors between the physical and spiritual realms. Papa Legba is the 
knowledgeable sorcerer with keys to understanding the secrets of astral travel, banishing and
dealing effectively with beings of the unseen. Papa Legba is found at any crossroads. This is 
where two roads meet and also a place where the physical realm and spiritual realm meet. He
directs the traffic flow at this place. He is the alchemist taking what is left at his feet and 
transmuting it into something useful. You can come to him at the crossroads and leave sorrow, 
ritual remains, left over spiritual bath water, a haunted object, or anything and he will send it
where it needs to go. There are also tales of people going to the crossroads to receive gifts 
and talents such as dance ability, more luck in gambling and better skill on guitar.

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