La Fueille Neuvelle Oil
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La Fueille Neuvelle Oil

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This is an oil I have made a for a long time as a custom oil to clients who come to me for addictions, body image issues, health concerns, pattern breaking, and after a traumatic event such as losing a home or job. This has worked well for my clients looking to adopt healthier diets and to quit smoking. First, I DO NOT believe in "weight loss" spells or oils. That's bullshit. I DO believe in spiritual tools that help you stay on track, motivate you, helping you to feel confident ad empowered. Only then can you turn over that new leaf... This oil is great for those who are stuck in a rut and are attracting the same old bad luck, bad partners, and bad choices. Use on purple or grey candles WHILE making a list of healthy and achievable goals as well as a list of bad habits or pattern(s) you'd like to break. Anoint the list of bad habits and/or paterns and burn it. Post the list of the goals where you can see it every day-like on your bathroom mirror. This is my own copyrighted formula and name. The main ingredients are tonka, oakmoss, and bergamot. Thanks for looking! curio only. I make no claims for this item. © Conjured Cardea™ 2009. No part of the content, designs, photographs, product trade name(s), trade product design(s) and product(s) can be used without prior express written permission. All rights reserved.

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