Conjured Cardea offers hand-made spiritual supplies with the authenticity that we practitioners crave. Vodou, Hoodoo, Santeria, Folk Magic, Pagan, Spiritualist and all Craft practitioners will find a full line of hand-crafted items for daily use and celebration. I also offer a complete line of rootwork services such as vigils, workings and novenas. These are completely customized and performed on your behalf, offering you a comprehensive approach in reaching your goals. Simply click on the "Contact Moma Sarah" button for your FREE consultation and product recommendations.

I ship as quickly as I can, 15 business days to process most orders, to anywhere in the world and all major credit cards and Paypal are accepted. Each order is gift wrapped and I lagniappe! Lagniappe is the gulf coast practice of receiving a gift with purchase.

Conjured Cardea has reached over 100,000 sales, with clients in nearly 100 countries, in 7 years. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding myself, my work or my items. I look forward to serving you!


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    Cardi B Novena Candle-Dressed for Business and Wealth Cauldron Candle-Abundance, Magic, Manifestation, Goddess Cauldron-Large-Abundance, Inense, Manifestation, Spellwork
    Cardi B Novena Candle-Dressed for Business and WealthCauldron Candle-Abundance, Magic, Manifestation, GoddessCauldron-Large-Abundance, Inense, Manifestation, Spellwork
    This candle embraces the iconic image of Cardi B. You just checked your account, turns out YOU'RE RICH, YOU'RE RICH, YOU'RE RICH! Dressed and blessed with my Opulence oil and curios to draw wealth, attention and business to you! LISTING IS FOR ONE CANDLE. Thanks for looking!

    My loaded cauldron candles are 2.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Each is l oaded with stars, a safety pin, a di, an evil eye, crushed pyrite, my Spell Speed oil, my manifestation blend and more. Cauldrons are a symbol of growth, magic and...

    Cast iron cauldron, 7 inches high and 7 inches wide. No lid. Cauldrons are a symbol of growth, magic and abundance. They birth food, medicine, spells and brews. A symbol of the Goddess womb. Enhance your spell work and draw all forms of abundance...




    Coffin Candle-Halloween, Hex, Enemy, Death, Conjure, Samhain Conquering Glory Working-Overcome Obstacles and Adversity Custom Loaded Premium Spellwork Pillar Candle
    Coffin Candle-Halloween, Hex, Enemy, Death, Conjure, SamhainConquering Glory Working-Overcome Obstacles and AdversityCustom Loaded Premium Spellwork Pillar Candle

    2x6 inches! Solid black, premium wax with THREE wicks! PERFECT for Halloween decor or an ancestral altar. These can even be used for hexing and enemy workings! Inscribe with your target's name, dress with my D.U.M.E oil and let that energy R.I.P.!

    Win gloriously at work, school, competitions, love or life in general. This working does wonders when you have many obstacles, adversity, enemies, or competitors in your path. Crown yourself with a spiritual halo of laurel leaves and declare...6" Tall with a 2" diameter. Premium, high quality, sold wax created especially for spellwork and wa divinations. ***choose "yellow" if you want the orange color. Choose your color from the drop down menu. Leave any spellwork specifiations for...




    Custom Soap-RESERVED D.U.M.E. Working-Control, Compel, Disable, Debilitate Enemies Dark Magic Soap-Dominate Goals, Enhance Your Power, Lunar
    Custom Soap-RESERVEDD.U.M.E. Working-Control, Compel, Disable, Debilitate EnemiesDark Magic Soap-Dominate Goals, Enhance Your Power, Lunar

    You will receive ONE bar-approximately 4 ounces.


    Results vary. I am not responsible for usage or outcome.

    D.U.M.E-"Do Unto My Enemies". An old technique used in very strong control/compel and sometimes reversal workings in which an enemy receives what they have sent out. It can also be used to debilitate a target or their workings or to harm those...

    "Dark Magic" soap. Black raspberry, black current, pemegranate, vanilla bean. Created to give your workings a boost by helping you dominate your goals and draw down lunar power into yourself. Let the shadows aid in your workings and enhance your...




    Dark Moon, Jupiter Direct Service-July 12th-Major Break Throughs Devil/Bat Pod-Good Luck, Protection, Breaks Jinxes, Hexes Diana's Power-Up! Spritz-Cleanse, Charge & Activate your Energy
    Dark Moon, Jupiter Direct Service-July 12th-Major Break ThroughsDevil/Bat Pod-Good Luck, Protection, Breaks Jinxes, HexesDiana's Power-Up! Spritz-Cleanse, Charge & Activate your Energy
    This service will utilize the dark moon and Jupiter returning direct on July 12th. This is an excellent astrological time for boosting prosperity magic, financial planning, employment opportunities, wealth, luxury and financial stability. Use...The devil nut, also known as bat nut, goat head, bull nut is the seed pod of Trapa bicornis, an aquatic Asian plant. Depending who you ask, this natural biological curio may look like a goat-horned devil, a bull or buffalo, a flying bat, etc. In...

    This gently cleansing, high-power spray is infused with seven sacred plants, including white sage, white pine, and solomon's seal. It brews for a full moon cycle for maximum potency, and can be used on tools, ingredients, or in a room to enhance...




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